MCG has taken our unorganized network to a state that our users can be confident is secure, efficiently designed, and supports their computing needs. Whether it’s ongoing support to new projects, we look forward to our continued partnership.

Lou GiardelliVeltri Inc.

I highly recommend working with Microcomputer Consulting Group. Their knowledge, fast response time and general attitude towards any task at hand makes working with them a pleasure. Terijon is so glad we switched providers..We are so impressed with Ken Goldberg’s ability to clearly articulate the plan needed and the efficiency in implementing the project.

Mo KoppelAdvisor, Terijon

MCG has been a valuable partner to us, and I highly recommend them. In particular, their proactive approach to preventing technology issues, as well as their commitment to servicing our employee’s timely needs, has been extremely impactful for us and sets them apart. If you’re looking for a knowledgeable, hands-on, solution-oriented technology firm, you’ve found one in MCG.

Andy OcknerCFO, Full Picture

I started working with Ken Goldberg and his team at MCG three years ago, shortly after I was hired. Prior to bringing MCG on board the company was constantly plagued with a host of IT related issues which translated into inefficiencies at the employee level. I worked closely with Ken and his team to re-engineer the company’s LAN in order to seamlessly integrate a state of the art ERP system into our environment. Ken laid out a very budget conscious plan for new PC’s and terminals and came in below budget. We migrated our e-mail hosting to MCG during this process and have never experienced any compromise or downtime with our internal and external communications, the life blood of our company. In my 30 plus years of work experience with oversight and responsibilities over IT, MCG is by far the best IT Managed Services Firm that I have ever worked with. The entire staff is very knowledgeable and has been very proactive and responsive to the company’s needs and the user’s questions and inquiries. MCG represents true ROI and will be a true asset to any company that partners with them.


Harry WeinblattChief Financial Officer, Libra Leather, Inc.

We employed MCG’s services to put together a comprehensive plan to review, recommend and replace our aging server infrastructure. MCG presented various options always being mindful of budget constraints and manpower. The two year project was done on time and within budget. VGS has now outsourced all support for the current server environment to MCG. I would highly recommend MCG to anyone looking for guidance relative to their computer and server networks.

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Paul TheodorePresident & CEO, Visual Graphic Systems Inc.

Thank goodness for MCG!!!  We recently moved our office and purchased a new file server and a Datto backup device.
One month later, the building was installing an new hot water heater and when they turned it on it flooded our server room and destroyed ALL of our equipment.  We called MCG at 2:00pm and they were able to get us connected to the internet the next morning to access the cloud backup of our data and set up a virtual server in the cloud so that we were back up and running by 12:00pm the next day.  All of that, in less than 24 hours!  The service, planning and implementation of the disaster recovery plan was flawless and I would happily recommend MCG to every business that relays on it data and network to be up and running at all times.

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Robert HobermanCPA, Hoberman & Lesser, LLP

The most important aspect of MCG’s service is their timely response to our needs.  I would recommend them to another company looking for a technology partner.


Patricia LevyVice President, Sprung Memorial

MCG has been very responsive in emergencies and has done a great job in keeping our network and desktops running and up-to date.


Michael H. JastCPA, Skwiersky, Alpert & Bressler LLP

We needed a dependable and professional IT company to upgrade and maintain our servers. We also needed a company to maintain and troubleshoot our many desktop computers. MCG put together a very efficient and affordable plan in which to accomplish these goals. MCG implemented the plan in a very timely and professional manner.


Michael H. JastCPA, Skwiersky, Alpert & Bressler LLP