High Performance and Unlimited Capacity

When it comes to file access or collaboration, the size, security, and bandwidth considerations govern where the files are located – in the cloud, strictly on premises or a combination of both. With Egnyte you have the choice.

From a security perspective, all enterprise files can be segmented into three types.

  • GREEN corresponds to files that can be easily stored in the cloud and accessed from any device and from anywhere, enabling seamless collaboration within distributed teams..
  • YELLOW files are the ones that due to file size, Internet connectivity issues or the fact that several people work on the same files simultaneously require the primary access to be local with a copy in the cloud for remote access for sharing with business partners or cross-site replication.
  • RED files are extremely sensitive files that must stay behind the corporate firewall and cannot pass through the cloud. PHI data, ITAR compliance data, employee records are some examples of this sensitive file type.

Egnyte provides a unique file services platform that addresses all of the above scenarios in one solution, enabling you to get high performance and unlimited capacity.

Cloud File Server


Egnyte Cloud File Server provides secure online storage and collaboration, enabling users to easily access and share files from their computers, tablets, and smartphones without sacrificing compliance and control. The Cloud File Server not only provides the semantics of a centrally-managed file server but also enables seamless file sharing and sync across multiples devices and users.

Storage Sync


Egnyte Storage Sync bi-directionally syncs your local storage systems with the cloud to offer users fast local access coupled with the easy sharing and mobile device access provided by the cloud. With Storage Sync, files can also be replicated across offices and across diverse storage systems for cross-office file sharing and data redundancy. Storage Sync becomes a must have for distributed teams that need to collaborate on large files, especially in areas of low bandwidth.

Storage Connect


Egnyte Storage Connect provides mobile VPN-less access to files stored on any local storage, without files or file metadata passing through the cloud. That means secure point-to-point file access and sharing, while your data remains behind the firewall – free from privacy risks.