Our apparel related practice includes such well known names as L’Oreal USA and Vera Wang.

Firms in this industry utilize MCG’s tailored software selection process to quickly and easily reduce the time and costs associated with picking Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software. MCG has developed a specific requirements definition document geared to the industry to focus the needs analysis process. In addition, MCG has garnered relationships with the major software companies servicing the industry. Together with you, this will translate into an effective process to choose the correct software for your business needs.

MCG has a group of professionals available to assist with implementing software once a selection has been made. Many times, upon the successful conclusion of the selection phase, MCG is retained to assist the internal technology staff with managing the software setup, configuration, and training. This allows staff to devote appropriate time to continue to run the business during this hectic period. Additionally, MCG has industry and technology experience which proves invaluable during the change process of bringing in new software.

Our custom application development team can also contribute to this industry sector. Our design and programming team has created modules and applications which interface to some of the standard software available, including import tracking modules, shipping confirmation modules, reporting modules, EDI analysis, web based reporting, and web based repositories to share information with overseas vendors and agent offices.

MCG’s network group provides technology support for apparel organizations which are either too small or do not want to be concerned with supporting technology in house. Our Managed Resources plan (link) is perfect for organizations looking to outsource their entire technology. MCG also can provide Help Desk support (link) and On Site Support (link) on an as needed basis. We are currently supporting apparel firms and their distribution facilities throughout the Metropolitan New York area.