Archival of email has fast become a hot topic for both public and private companies. Sarbannes Oxley regulations have made it a legal requirement to save and catalog email along with all forms of written communication for up to seven years. The medical community and public government are faced with this requirement also. Private entities, although not legally bound, are seeing the need to retain this valuable information as well.
Even if the need is just to consolidate the storage of vast stores of emails, MCG has the solution. Utilizing the products available from C2C Systems, MCG represents the Archive One line of email archival and retrieval tools available for the Microsoft Exchange platform. Compliance© allows organizations required to monitor mail systems to easily retrieve information from archives based on user defined criteria and produce a report of all emails pertaining to the criteria. Policy© can manage the archival of individual mailboxes, reducing the actual store size of the Exchange database, still allowing retrieval by individual users as needed.